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Science says daily exercise is necessary to maintain good health, BUT

how you combine what you eat every day is most important for losing weight and keeping it off.


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Robert Ferguson, the nutrition and health expert who’s successfully worked with celebrities, professional athletes and Fortune 100 companies provides you with daily videos and weekly menu plans for home and eating out. In less than 90 seconds, Robert shows you on video how to lose weight (and not gain it) eating yummy classics like mac and cheese and meatloaf, and delicious snacks like brownies and desserts. His entertaining and easy-to-follow videos make eating out and losing weight EASIER than you would ever imagine!

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In this video demonstration, Chef Kelly Anderson invites You to Diet Free Life


Expert Nutrition Coach

No one shows you how to eat the food you love and lose weight every day like Robert Ferguson. Creator and CEO of Diet Free Life®, Robert Ferguson is a certified nutritionist, fitness expert and America’s voice on wellness and weight loss. He serves on the Presidential Task Force on Obesity for the National Medical Association and has pioneered a successful movement of reversing childhood obesity by helping mothers get their sexy back. All this has been made possible because of the Diet Free Life® Program, which shows you how to eat the foods you love and lose weight with each fat burning meal! There’s plenty of fitness programs and conventional diets online. There’s only one Robert Ferguson and Diet Free Life®!

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For only $9.97 a month, you get a new food (recipe) video (with a printable copy) every day that shows you how and what to eat to burn more calories, lose weight and live a diet free life. No more guessing. No more counting points. No more counting calories. Robert Ferguson has brought in professional chefs and people who love to cook to show you how to keep the flavor and fun in food while you lose weight and become healthier!

With your Diet Free Life Subscription you also get direct, one-on-one online interaction with nutrition expert, Robert Ferguson, and 24/7 instant access to our proprietary Food Search Recipe Library so making fat-burning meals is easy, organized and online for optimum efficiency. As part of our premium subscription you also get workout suggestions and tailored nutrition plans for athletes (i.e., boxing, tennis, running) wanting to maximize weight loss and energy throughout the day.

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  • Only 9.97 a month
  • New food (recipe) video (with a printable copy) every day
  • Videos on how to tweak fast food to make it healthier
  • Direct, one-on-one online interaction with nutrition expert, Robert Ferguson
  • Guidance on how to make fat burning meals for less than a $1
  • 24/7 instant access to our proprietary Food Search Recipe Library
  • Success talk and exclusive interviews on life and better health
  • Exercise tips and training videos to maximize fat loss
  • Inspirational and motivational messages that help you stay on track
  • Professional chef and nutrition trade secrets that make cooking easier
  • New weekly meal plans for home and eating out!

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